DIY Home Builder Academy

Stop dreaming and start building! Save tens of thousands on your build by self-contracting.

A loaded video course to transform you from "confused dreamer" into a confident, self-contracting home builder

Sold! I'm in!

Don't spend countless hours sifting through questionable information online. Join the DIY Home Builder Academy and...


say goodbye to


X  Wondering if you have enough experience or connections

X  Worrying about missing a key step

X  Expecting to bust your budget

X  Wishing you weren't doing this alone

and hello to


Hiring amazing subcontractors who take pride in their work

>  Getting EVERY detail planned out before breaking ground

>  Creating your ideal budget and sticking to it

>  Joining a community of people who are doing exactly what you are

Welcome to the

DIY Home Builder Academy

My entire planning, organizing, and construction management strategy for self-contracting a home build from start to finish. 

Video Course

8 modules loaded with information to take you from confused to confident when acting as GC for your build.

Worth $800

Community Support

Ask questions and get support for each topic discussed in the course using forums below each video. No questions will go unanswered!

Worth $100

Checklists and Spreadsheets

Keep your budgets and timelines organized using a simple proven system. All templates provided for you!

Worth $200

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to the course and community, just in case you are unsure of your timeline.

Priceless (of course) but for numbers sake, we'll low ball it:

Worth $300

All of this for $1400

ONLY $497

Seriously? Oh, yeah. Grab it.
Let's get your dream home built. Together.
Let's do it!

Have we met? 

Hi, I'm Morgan.

I've been where you're at. I bet you're wondering if you can handle self-contracting and unsure if, in the end, all of it will be worth it.

Several years ago, my husband and I were doing a lot of wishing and hoping when finally we jumped in head first. We knew that we had a LOT to learn. But guess what? We did it and we loved the part we got to play in our build. Our home is 100% US. 

After spending hundreds of hours in research, I knew that I had to find a way to help other home owners discover the simple strategies we used to self-contract. 

There is a way to build your home on time and under budget. There is a way to save thousands of dollars, manage your own money, and have the final say in your dream home.

If I can do it, so can you. 

Wait, so you're telling me that you will break it down step-by-step so that I have a clear path to follow?


Yup.. that's right!


Don't waste time reinventing the wheel while trying to build. Join us in the academy and never worry again if you are missing something along the way!

One-time payment of $497

Join the Academy

Three monthly payments of $172

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